12 April 2002


Charlie King is a 19-year-

old first year, studying an

HND in Agriculture at

Bicton College in Devon

ITS been such a busy month its a job to know where to start. I suppose the best way is to acknowledge the sunny weather and boldly announce the welcome arrival of spring! (I make my apologies now for the violent storms, torrential rain and severe floods that are likely to follow).

This, of course, means an end to what seemed to be a particularly long winter this year. At home, the cows are out to grass – by day at least – although unfortunately this is not really lightening the workload, but rather shifting it to fieldwork in preparation for maize drilling.

The scraper tractor and its gearbox have still yet to part company, although Im sure its only a matter of time now. If it holds on much longer, the clutch will need replacing from all the third gear scraping antics.

The run-up to the Easter break at college saw the frantic rush to finish assignments on time. The best method, I decided, was to complete them in order of hand-in date, albeit with only one or two days between the four assignments in question.

It seems to have been a popular pastime throughout this year for students from many courses to "borrow" a tractor or two from the machinery yard, for what can only be assumed to be "extra curricular" activities at night.

It has become so common place that singling out a particular occurrence seemed tricky – until recently, that is, when the Police decided that in fact "borrowing" was more like "attempted theft". Two students found this out after a night in a cell and a police caution. I wonder if this will curtail similar activities in the future?

Our band Tweka made £160 at Dorchester Young Farmers auction of promises, which donated £1000 to Dorset Air Ambulance. We also played our first gig in nearly six months to help raise over £1000 for Headway, a charity for people with head injuries. The performance was shorter than expected, due to the main transformer burning out in my brothers bass amplifier, rendering it particularly useless. However, it seemed to be a success and consequently future gigs are lining up nicely.

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