Control boost for AMG and autumn cleavers

31 August 2001

Control boost for AMG and autumn cleavers

BETTER autumn control of cleavers, annual meadow grass and a range of other broad-leaved weeds is offered by new herbicide PicoPro.

"It offers consistent and long-lasting annual meadow grass control, improved reliability on cleavers, and an alternative control for field pansy," says BASFs Rob Gladwin.

Targeted at the ipu/dff sector it combines new active ingredient picolinafens leaf uptake and rapid kill of broad-leaved weeds with pendimethalins tried and tested residual activity and slower action.

Control is typically extended from the two true leaves stage to 4-6 true leaves of broad-leaved weeds.

Synergies between the active ingredients mean control is better than would be expected from combining the activity of the stand-alone ingredients, says BASF. Picolinafen, for example, has no effect on poppies itself. But its addition to pendimethalin substantially increases pendimethalins control.

Picolinafen has a similar effect on other herbicides and 33 two-way mixes and a number of three-way mixes with compounds such as ipu, bromoxynil, MCPA and amidosulfuron have been patented.

BASF recommends two rates of PicoPro. The lower "building block rate" of 2 litres/ha suits general broad-leaved weed control where cleavers are less important and a tank-mix partner will be used.

Adding 1 litre/ha of ipu controls groundsel and mayweed, extends chickweed control beyond the six true-leaf stage and increases timing flexibility on annual meadow grass.

The higher 3 litres/ha rate is recommended where fumitory, cranesbill or cleavers are the main targets. At that rate cleavers control up to the three whorls stage topped 90% in 19 trials.

A LERAP rating of C means no extra restrictions, an advantage over ipu/dff products such as Panther which have a B rating, says herbicide product manager Andrew Jones.

Price will be competitive with ipu/dff tank-mixes containing 40-50g/ha of dff, says Mr Jones.

lProCam Groups David Ellerton sees PicoPro as a bolt-on to the core grassweed tank-mix. "It is a super-Stomp if you like. It is extremely good on cleavers and extremely good on pansies." In many cases it will remove the need for a follow-up spring cleavers applications, he says. &#42


&#8226 SC formulation of 16g/litre picolinafen + 320g/litre pendimethalin.

&#8226 Controls AMG, cleavers, pansies, fumitory, speedwells.

&#8226 Misses mayweeds, groundsel.

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