Countryside March – will you be there?

22 January 2001

Countryside March – will you be there?

WANT to go to the Countryside March, but cant get there? Or do you have space in your car that could be put to good use by a like-minded marcher?

Dont worry. FARMERS WEEKLY is putting people who want to go to London on 18 March in touch with those who have transport.

Simply fill in your details, where you live and whether you are looking for a lift or offering a ride and well post your e-mail address in the Open Forum section of our website.

Then you can meet up and travel down for the day together.

You could save loads of money, meet new people and make new friends while protecting the future of rural Britain.

  • The Countryside March – Sunday 18 March, 2001
  • Rural rides to the Countryside March – click here

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