Cow & Gate wants BSE-proof lamb

24 October 2001

Cow & Gate wants BSE-proof lamb

By Adrienne Francis

BABY-FOOD maker Cow & Gate has announced that it will buy lamb only from sheep which are genetically resistant to diseases such as BSE.

The news emerged amid mounting concern after the failure of government tests to see whether BSE has passed to sheep, reports the Daily Mail.

Nutricia Ltd, which owns the Cow & Gate brand, is insisting its farm suppliers only buy genetically resistant breeding rams, says the paper.

The company is also considering extending the requirement to all rams, which are already on the 50 farms supplying the company, it adds.

The paper says the move will put the company ahead of the government in its effort to reassure customers about the safety of lamb.

Nutricia claims it is acting on recent advances that allow the exact identification of sheep which are resistant to scrapie.

The Food Standards Agency responded by saying that was no reason for anyone, including babies, to avoid eating British lamb.


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