Creams to soothe and keep off flies

24 October 1997

Creams to soothe and keep off flies

CONDITION cows teats, repel flies and protect against bacterial infection with Flypel, an udder cream including natural fly repellents, says Labtec.

It says the natural fly repellents are combined with cetrimide to protect against soreness and fly attack.

Alternatively, stimulate circulation of the udder and alleviate soreness with Vitemint, a cream containing vitamin E, peppermint and sulphur to provide antibacterial properties, says the company.

But when milkers hands need conditioning or protecting, try Dairy Derm ointment – which is also recommended for cows, it adds.

Flypel and Vitemint cost £10 in 240g tubes, a 2kg Flypel tub is £40 and Dairy Derm costs £9 for a 1kg tub and £24 for a 4kg tub (01543-415215).

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