Crucial three days for OSR

23 August 2001

Crucial three days for OSR

“THE harvest has progressed a lot in the last 48 hours, with the weather improving dramatically.

“Things are moving at such a pace that the oilseed rape harvest could be over by the weekend,” says Charlie Birnie of United Oilseeds in Scotland.

One farmer had started combining at 22% this morning and by mid-afternoon it had fallen to 12%. Weather has stopped most farmers from getting on since most started 10 days ago.

Yields are varied ranging from 3-4t/ha (1.2-1.7t/acre). “Yields are tending to be more to do with soil type and the volume of rain they have received. Generally lighter land has done better.”

He says harvest is late, although everyone could be caught up after the weekend.

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