Cut risk of swine fever from ramps

11 April 1997

Cut risk of swine fever from ramps

WITH the increase in swine fever on the Continent, pig producers should take more basic precautions to eliminate the risk of disease.

Neville Kingston says that loading ramps for transporters are a particular risk area and should be disinfected after use.

"The transporter could have visited a number of other units or been at a livestock market and it is vital producers avoid following pigs up the ramp when loading. He also recommends that all stock carers disinfect boots after loading pigs.

When buying in pigs a knowledge of the source of those stock, in terms of disease status, should be gained, he adds.


&#8226 Leptospirosis.

&#8226 Sunburn.

&#8226 Swine fever.

&#8226 Respiratory disease.

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