Dairy men back milk campaign

27 November 1998

Dairy men back milk campaign

By Vicky Houchin

UK dairy farmers have given the go-ahead today (Friday) for a multi-million pound campaign to boost milk sales.

The generic campaign will cost £10 million a year and is forecast to increase annual raw milk sales by as much as 135 million litres (240 million pints).

Proponents say milk prices will be boosted by 0.24ppl, giving an average farmer donating £250 each year roughly £1200 in increased milk sales.

The campaign will be similar to the “milk moustache” advertisements in the USA which featured supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Farmers representatives will now lobby Parliament to change the law which currently prohibits such a campaign.

The NFU is unable to say when the campaign is likely to be launched, but hopes to push the bill through MAFF as soon as possible. “Farmers have now indicated their support, and we can go forward with discussions on the level spending,” said Philip Hudson of the NFU.

“We are now able to go ahead with a clear mandate to the Dairy Industry Federation,” he said.

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