24 July 2002


Model Agrotron 135.

Score lllmm

Mouse clicks to spec sheet 2 to basic info, 3 to full info.

Times to spec sheets 40secs (basic), 1min 20secs (full).

Local dealer listing No.

Clicks to find local dealer 2 to importer only, no dealer list.

Option info No.

Warranty info No.

Novel feature None.

Power Farming view Vanilla-flavour, fast-loading site compromised by lengthy arrival of main .pdf spec sheet and broken company info menu. Nothing happens on screen while full spec starts to load, casting visitor into limbo. Map used as link to sales network looks like logo so isnt immediately obvious, then no local dealer contact list. Good site design puts links on every page for easy navigation.

Uncomplicated opening gambit from Deutz sets tone for rest of site. Map (top left) is link to dealers.

Privacy matters

Some sites ask the visitor to register before providing further product information. While theres nothing sinister in this – look for a privacy policy link which explains what (should) happen to your details – not every visitor will be happy to hand out personal stuff to third parties, however apparently benign.

If this is the case for you, either exit the site (its the companys loss) or give the minimum of info; forms generally indicate whats essential and whats optional. Also scan for checkboxes which let you opt out of further contact by the company, if thats the way youd prefer to play it.





John Deere

Massey Ferguson


New Holland




Sites were found with the Google search engine. Checks were made during working hours using Internet Explorer 5.1 (Mac) and a single-channel ISDN line. The browser cache was emptied and any site-specific cookies deleted before clicking the stopwatch – a cookie is a small snippet lodged in your computer by a site, used to tag your visit.

If you make your own comparisons, timings will vary according to connection speed, web traffic and other variables so are unlikely to be the same as here, though the relative differences should be.

Two other ways of getting to tractor spec (and prices!) are via our own Click on Tractor under Buyers Guides, or look for the tractor section of our webguide.

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