Dewar agrees early arable aid payment

04 September 1998

Dewar agrees early arable aid payment

SCOTTISH secretary Donald Dewar has agreed to the early payment of European subsidies worth around £100 million to the farming sector.

Mr Dewar has also pledged to getting the beef ban lifted, as well as easing problems with the sheep carcass trade, at a crisis meeting with the National Farmers Union of Scotland.

George Lyon, the unions president, said it was “the first step” towards saving the industry.

The early payment of the arable aid subsidies should see cheques arrive by the middle of next month.

Mr Dewars changes to the carcass trade in cast ewes should see farmers getting another £15 on the price.

He also said the Government was prepared to review the position over agrimonetary compensation, which has been a point of contention among farmers.

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