Diet feeder with quality chopping

27 November 1998

Diet feeder with quality chopping

DIET feeder innovation continues. One of the latest developments from Seko is designed to produce a more efficient chopping action of silage and other bulk ingredients and reduce the interval when chopping knives have to be replaced.

Seen on the Sumarai 3 feeder wagon, the units two horizontal augers sited in the bottom of the hopper are fitted with a series of notched, circular blades which, when they come into contact with any solid objects, rotate.

This design, says the company, helps to avoid broken blades being incorporated into the feed – and the potentially fatal consequences.

Other advantages include the use of blades with a far greater area, only a portion of which is in use at any one time.

Replacement interval is claimed to be in the 16-month zone when used for about six hours a day. Seko also says it is to fit a version of these round blades into its vertical auger mixing systems. Augers will be equipped with the new blades, as in the horizontal auger machines, and will work in conjunction with spring-loaded round static round blades.

fitted to the circumference of the mixing hopper.

These are likely to make their appearance in the UK during the spring of 1999.

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