Difficult weather for spring barley

30 August 2001

Difficult weather for spring barley

SANDY ALISON, who farms near Edinburgh, is halfway through harvesting spring barley, but has been stopped several times in the last couple of weeks through poor weather.

“Spring barley is in no great shape. Its yielding 2.25-2.5t/acre (5.6-6.2t/ha), which is about 0.5t/acre (1.2t/ha) down on average.” Quality is good with 1.48-1.5 nitrogen and no skinning problems. Despite the weather he has combined the crop between 14-16%.

But it is the market that worries him, “If maltsters are only willing to pay high 70s pounds, I wont be growing spring barley next year as I wont be able to cover my costs.”

He says wheat has been started in the area, and has heard of below average yields. “Although ours looks ok, I wont really know until I get into it.”

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