Disinfectant acts fast – and safely

9 May 1997

Disinfectant acts fast – and safely

DISINFECT against viruses, bacteria and fungi effectively with Kick-Start 2, an improved fast-acting, non-foaming formulation, says developer RS Hygiene.

The disinfectant is suitable for pig, poultry, calf and lambing pens, but can also be used in dairy parlours, foot baths for cattle or sheep and boot dips, it claims. And, after using Kick-Start 2, animals can be reintroduced with minimal delay and inconvenience.

The product also breaks down into harmless by-products, reducing concern over accidental spills, adds RS Hygiene.

It is available in 5- and 20-litre packs and up to 1250 litres of diluted disinfectant can be made for about £30 (01638-714444).

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