Don’t be a-llama’d!

CAROL McGUIRE, a farmer from Banchory, uses llamas to guard her sheep and says it works brilliantly, The Times reports.

Mrs McGuire told the paper that since switching from sheepdogs to llamas she had not lost any sheep.

“Getting in llamas was the best thing I‘ve ever done. The sheepdogs kept getting injured, and they didn‘t bond with my sheep at all,” she said.

“The llamas work because they think of the sheep as one of their own herd. They take extra special care of them. If any strange dog or fox comes near they give them a hefty kick. They‘re pretty tough,” Mrs McGuire told The Times

Jane Brown, from the British Camelids Association, said: “Llamas will make excellent guards for cattle. But it‘s a lonely job.

“They are social animals and don‘t like being left on their own so people should buy two or three at a time.”

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