Dowdeswell bedformer maintains an even pull

21 February 1997

Dowdeswell bedformer maintains an even pull

DESIGNED for work ahead of a three-bed cultivator, the latest bedformer development from Dowdeswell offers some interesting innovations.

Equipped with four ridging bodies – each can be adjusted to produce bed widths from 72in to 80in centres – working depth of the outer two can be altered to help maintain an even pull on the tractor.

The theory is this: The body working in the previous row has only half the work to do as the body working at the other end of the former – half the work was done on the previous bout. To compensate, the end body working in the unmoved soil can be lifted to a half-depth position with the work completed at full depth on the next bout.

Available in fixed and folding versions, options include shearbolt and auto re-set bodies, hydraulic markers and subsoilers. Recomm-ended power requirement is 150hp+ and prices start at £6186. &#42

Lifting the left-hand body on Dowdeswells three-row bedformer to half depth (on this bout) compensates for the half-workload being performed by the right-hand one. Bed widths are adjustable from 72in to 80in centres.

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