12 October 2001


SUCKLER cattle records can now be downloaded from the cattle tracing scheme (CTS) web-site, saving both time and paperwork.

For a 75-cow suckler herd with followers, there can be up to 1500 pieces of information to record, says NMR Agrisofts Ben Bartlett. "The time required for loading all this information has put many producers off adopting a computerised system."

But a new computer program, InterPremium Plus, launched by NMR Agrisoft at Beef 2001 will allow data to be downloaded from the CTS web-site, according to Mr Bartlett.

Information on any animal can be downloaded in five minutes. Previously, entering data for a 75-cow herd would have taken up to five hours, he adds.

York-based producer Adrian Johnson already uses computerised recording for his Aberdeen Angus suckler herd. "This new facility will make life easier.

"Computers cut paperwork and make record keeping quicker and more efficient. Entering an animals ear tag number makes its full history available, allowing full traceability."

Mr Johnson believes electronic cattle tracing will become more important following the foot-and-mouth outbreak.

NBA director Frank Momber from Hants has already upgraded his computer software. "In addition to the speed of inputting data, there is a duplicate set of herd data held by CTS, allowing data to be checked for anomalies."

The programme and instructions are available free from NMR Agrisoft.

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