Drill coulter offers high yields and power saving

21 November 1997

Drill coulter offers high yields and power saving

INCREASED cereal yields and a cut in power requirement are two benefits claimed for the new Duet drill coulter from Horsch.

It comprises a chrome vanadium steel leading coulter tine followed by coulter wings. Made of Teflon, to prevent soil sticking, those place the seed in a 125mm (5in) band rather than in a row.

The effect is to give a 60% coverage of seed, compared with only 25% for a Suffolk coulter. That means a 6m-wide Horsch Airseeder drill, normally equipped with 48 conventional coulters, needs only 24 Duet coulters requiring less power, said a company spokesman.

The coulters can also place liquid fertiliser about 50-60mm (1.9in-2.3in) below the seed. The technique is said to reduce leaching and save up to 35% of the recommended fertiliser rate, according to trials carried out by Horsch in southern Germany.

Fertiliser placement is also offered by another German maker, Dutzi. Its Conserva Pak tines place liquid fertiliser between 30mm and 50mm (1.2in and 2in) below and to one side of the seed which is placed by a separate coulter.

Duet drill coulter from Horsch.

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