31 August 2001


Its time to put patriotism on a plate. Youve heard of dig for victory; now its time to eat for Britain.

If youre worried by the massive surplus of light lambs bred for the Continent, but trapped within these shores by the export ban, heres something we can do to cut the surplus.

FARMERS WEEKLY has joined forces with Farmers First, the leading producer-run meat initiative, to launch our Lamb Ban Beater campaign. The aim is to buy light lambs, sourced from throughout the UK, and supply them boxed-chilled for home delivery to your door by courier.

The prices of £65 for a whole lamb box and £35 for a half box include packaging, delivery and a donation to the ARC-Addington Fund which gives emergency financial help to those hit by the foot-and-mouth crisis. Already more than 200 lambs have been delivered to rural and urban customers throughout the UK. So if you want to enjoy tasty British lamb and do your bit to help hard-pressed livestock producers struggling to rebuild their businesses after the devastation of F&M, dial the telephone hot-line number today 0870-2410153 to place your order.

But theres far more we can do to help eat our way through the surplus of light lambs. If you have already ordered for your family, why not make sure friends, neighbours and business associates order too?

To help put that message across, simply contact our office and we will send you free of charge copies of our Light Lamb Promotion page published in recent issues of FARMERS WEEKLY. Copies of the page could be left in local doctors or vets surgeries, farmers markets, perhaps even your local library. Anywhere people gather is a good place to leave the page.

True, the lamb is not sold at rock bottom prices. But the cost Farmers First charges reflects packaging, labelling and delivery. And dont forget theres a donation to the ARC Addington Fund included too.

So theres never been a better time not just to fly the flag for British farming but to eat it too.

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