Eclipse wheat and set-a-side crops do well

23 August 2001

Eclipse wheat and set-a-side crops do well

CLIFFORD SPENCER, who farms at Rudstone near Driffield started combining winter wheat on Wednesday (22 August). Experimental set-aside crop Abyssinian mustard has been good.

Eclipse biscuit wheat, which is not on the recommended list, is yielding10t/ha (4t/acre). “This soft wheat is excellent. It has a beautifully clean and bold sample. It started off clean and has not needed much fungicide since.”

The experimental set-aside crop Abyssinian mustard yielded 3.2t/ha (1.3t/acre) on light land near Peterborough. “This has been the major success story so far. The farmer said it was the best paid crop on the farm!”

He does not think the recent weather has harmed the crops. “All the crops have stood up well.” He expects to start spring barley next week.

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