Got a question for the RSPB?

Anytime now DEFRA will be publishing its annual farmland bird indicator, looking at trends in bird numbers in the British countryside.

The indicator is expected to show certain key species under continuing pressure, with the finger pointed at modern agriculture.

The RSPB has therefore offered to answer farmers’ questions on the farmland bird indicator and the issues that surround it.

For example, how do we know the indicator is accurate and how is it used in terms of directing future policy in the countryside? And what can farmers do to mitigate the effects?

Broader questions might cover the RSPB’s views on set-aside. And how can the RSPB justify buying up Grade 1 land in the fens to return to bird habitat at a time of global food shortage?

If you’ve got a burning question you want to put to the RSPB, now’s your chance. Simply follow this link to our Forum debate and post your question there.