EU aid boost for Cornwall

30 June 1998

EU aid boost for Cornwall

A REVIEW of European Union (EU) regional boundaries means Cornwall and west Wales are set to qualify for a boost in European regional aid.

Tony Blair, the Prime Minister, pressed the case for a review at this months EU Cardiff summit. The changes were ratified by Brussels yesterday, much to the amazement of some in Whitehall and the delight of those living in the area.

Cornwall, the poorest county in England, has suffered from a decline in fishing, farming and mining. It had previously missed out on aid because it is measured for statistical purposes against its more affluent neighbour Devon.

Cornwall has now been designated a region in its own right, and looks certain to qualify for the highest rate of EU aid, known as Objective 1.

The changes for delivering aid also split Wales on a east/west basis instead of the current north/south basis, which many believe to be much fairer.

  • Financial Times 30/06/98 page 22

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