EU hopefuls disappoint Forster

9 February 2001

EU hopefuls disappoint Forster

By FWi staff

COUNTRIES keen to join the EU but still shunning British beef have been told they are they are out of out of line on industry issues.

National Beef Association chief executive Robert Forster voiced his
frustration that most candidate countries are still ban UK beef and semen.

It is a disappointing that out of the 13 countries you represent only two of you, Cyprus and Malta, have agreed to accept UK beef, he told representatives touring the UK this week.

He added that only Cyprus, Malta and the Czech Republic, will import UK bull semen.

This is even though it too has been cleared by both the EU and world organisation for animal health, the OIE, for distribution on the world market.

Mr Forster said countries were disadvantaging themselves by refusing to take UK bull semen.

Although Latvia, Poland and Romania are discussing the matter, Hungary has pulled out of talks since BSE erupted on the European mainland.

But cattle producing countries like Australia, Canada and the US did take UK semen, pointed out Mr Forster.

Countries which would like to join the EU should demonstrate their willingness to make a wholehearted commitment by allowing imports, he said.

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