Poll: Should there be a second referendum on Brexit?

It is turning out to be another crunch week in the ongoing negotiations between the UK and Brussels, with the prime minister suggesting the two sides are now in the “end game”.

But even if a deal is reached with Brussels, the problems for Theresa May are unlikely to diminish, as she faces the monumental task of getting it through parliament.

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The number of different factions and opinions within and between political parties suggest this is going to be an almost impossible task.

Should parliament fail to approve it, the options seem to be “leave the EU with no deal and revert to WTO trading terms” or put the whole issue of Brexit back to the people for another referendum.

In his opinion column two weeks ago, David Alvis argued strongly for a second referendum, saying there was absolutely no shame in people changing their minds if it became apparent that their hopes for Brexit had been scuppered.

But his views have been challenged in our letters column, with one reader saying it would be undemocratic to “have another go”, and we should be looking to the future and not whining about the past.

So what do you think? Should the UK have a second referendum once we know the terms of any deal, or should we stick to the original verdict as given by the 17.4 million Britons who voted “leave” in June 2016?

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