Europe misguided on food safety action

22 September 1997

Europe "misguided" on food safety action

SOME of the European authorities efforts to restore public confidence in food safety look misguided. TheFinancial Times leader column says there is a danger that rational policy principles will be sacrificed to “political funk” and a willingness to pander to popular emotionalism.

It says consumers have good reason to question official pronouncements on food safety after Europes record on BSE.

The row with the US over the ban of tallow could be avoided, it claims. It cites the conclusion of a European Union scientific committee, which found tallow-based products were not harmful if goods it is made into were processed to specified standards – which the US already meets.

The opportunity for a reasonable compromise will be lost if Brussels insists on a blanket ban.

  • Financial Times 22/09/97 page 21

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