Farm Summit news and reaction

30 March 2000

Farm Summit news and reaction

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Blair announces 188m aid package, FWi, 30 March 2000

TONY BLAIR has announced a 188 million aid package for farmers at the Downing Street summit with industry leaders.

Blair unveils British food kitemark, FWi, 30 March 2000

TONY BLAIR has launched a new 2 million kitemark to promote British food at the Downing Street summit with farmers leaders.

Aid for pig and dairy farmers?
, FWi, 30 March 2000

PIG and dairy farmers are expected to benefit from an aid package to be announced at the Downing Street summit on Thursday (30 March), it is reported.

Kitemark launch at farm summit, FWi, 29 March 2000

TONY BLAIR will launch a new 2m kitemark to promote British food at the Downing Street summit with farmers leaders on Thursday (30 March).


Summit was media stunt, say MPs, FWi, 30 March 2000

OPPOSITION parties have accused Tony Blair of turning his Downing Street summit with farmers leaders into a media stunt.

Farmers strip off outside Downing St
, FWi, 30 March 2000

FARMERS stripped to their waists outside Downing Street as Tony Blair prepared to meet industry leaders to discuss the farming crisis.

Family farmers slam farm summit
, FWi, 30 March 2000

FAMILY farmers have slammed the Downing Street summit between Tony Blair and industry leaders, saying it will do nothing to help small producers.

The demands

Family farmers arrange own summit, FWi, 28 March 2000

JONATHAN DIMBLEBY, broadcaster and president of the Soil Association, is to chair an alternative farm summit for crisis-hit family farmers.

Tenant farmers want early retirement, FWi, 28 March 2000

TENANT farmers facing uncertain old-age want Tony Blair to come up with an early retirement scheme so that they can leave the industry with dignity.

Bishops call on Blair for action, FWi, 28 March 2000

THREE bishops, with other churchmen, have written to Tony Blair ahead of this weeks farming summit urging him to tackle the farming crisis.

NFU offers deal for cash aid, FWi, 28 March 2000

THE National Farmers Union has pledged to move away from intensive farming methods in return for a farm aid package from Tony Blair.

Cash hopes grow for Blair summit, FWi, 24 March 2000

HOPES are rising among farm leaders that Tony Blair will announce an aid package at the rural summit in Downing Street next Thursday (30 March).

Agrimoney on aid agenda?
, FWi, 9 March 2000

FARMERS may be offered short-term aid from the government to tackle the ongoing crisis in the industry, reports the Radio 4 Farming Today programme.

The background

Farm summit for No 10, FWi, 8 March 2000

PRIME Minister Tony Blair has announced he will hold a “farm summit” later this month to discuss the long-term strategy for agriculture.

Government help not ruled out – Gill, FWi, 2 March 2000

NFU president Ben Gill insists the Prime Minister has not ruled out short-term help for farming, despite what many people may have thought.

Blair urges new direction for farming, FWi, 1 February 2000

TONY BLAIR has called for a “partnership for change” between farmers and the Government in an effort to find what he has termed “new direction” for farming.

Give farmers a chance, Blair urged, FWi, 1 February 2000

TONY Blair has been urged to give British farmers a fair chance by helping them break free of one of the worst agricultural depressions in living memory.

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