Farmer fuel protest leaders profiled

14 September 2000

Farmer fuel protest leaders profiled

By FWi staff

FARMERS to the fore of protests against fuel prices are profiled in The Independent.

The newspaper asks whether they are villains intent on bringing the country to a standstill.

Or are they latter day folk heroes in the mould of the leader of the 1381 Peasants Revolt, Wat Tyler?

Farmers for Action chairman David Handley said: There is nothing else we can do. This is a last resort.

Brynle Williams, Welsh co-ordinator at Stanlow, Cheshire said: Tony Blair is the only man in Britain who does not know what civil rights mean..

South west leader Richard Haddock said he is astonished that ministers have not even acknowledged requests for meetings.

Why should I keep quiet just because Tony Blair wants me to keep quiet? Me and my wife have struggled for everything weve got and are not going to give it up.

Exmoor hill farmer Maurice Vellacott, who is helping co-ordinate efforts in Devon, said: We are fighting for our survival.

We are digging in and morale is tremendous. Hopefully we can unite Britain again in a common cause.

Other farmer leaders profiled include Tom Houghton, John McLusky and Andrew Scott.

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