Farmer takes a rock to crack a Yank

28 August 1998

Farmer takes a rock to crack a Yank

A YORKSHIRE farmer has won a legal case not to move a rock which stops former tenants of a property he rented from retrieving an expensive sports car.

George Saville used the rock and farm machinery to block his tenants 1969 Mercedes SL sports car, worth several thousand pounds, from being driven away.

He said he was not allowing the car to be retrieved until he gets the £4200 in rent arrears he claims is owed to him by Patrick and Jane Hillhouse.

Their application to get the rock removed was dismissed at Leeds County Court this week. Mr Saville submitted evidence to suggest the couple intended to go back to the USA without paying the outstanding monies.

The couple moved into the farmhouse near Harrogate, North Yorkshire, two years ago. Mr Hillhouse works at the nearby American communications station at Menwith Hill.

Mrs Hillhouse commented: “I hope I never see another Yorkshire farmer as long as I live.”

  • The Times 28/08/98 page 6

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