Farmers call for fair food labels

26 November 1999

Farmers call for fair food labels

By FWi staffFARMERS and their families met in Birmingham on Friday afternoon (26 December) to call on the government to introduce a fair labelling system for food.

Armed with a petition calling for better labelling, they gave away free sausage, bacon, roast beef and pork rolls, apples and milk drinks in Victoria Square.

The stunt was a bid to thank members of the public who are standing by British farmers and growers in their time of crisis.

Bob Forster, regional director of the National Farmers Union, said many food products labelled as British were merely packed or processed in Britain.

“To repay shoppers loyalty for buying British food, it needs to be labelled as such with the country of origin clearly stated,” he said.

The farmers called on the government to back the countrys producers and instigate a fair labelling system which clearly states the origin of all food.

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