Farmers cheered by Grampian project

26 August 1998

Farmers cheered by Grampian project

THE Grampian Forest project is proving popular with farmers who run into financial difficulty trying to grow cereal crops out of poor land, reports The Herald.

The three-year pilot project is now in its second year. It has a target of 2500ha (6177 acres) of new multipurpose forestry on farmland within the area north and east of the A96.

Thirty new forests were created last year. This years planting target of 1200ha (2965 acres) will add a further 80. The judging panel received 77 bids for this years scheme and 41 will receive funding.

Funding ranged from £640 per hectare, with successful bids averaging around £1200 per hectare. Total funding amounts to £3m this year.

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