Farmers stock up on straights

By FWi staff

STRAIGHTS prices have remained relatively stable over the Christmas period, with panic buying meaning that most are covered for the next couple of months.

“The next few weeks will be fairly quiet while buyers use up remaining stocks,” says David Clarke of K W Alternative Feeds.

“Also, as spring approaches, farmers tend to eke out supplies until they know what the weather is going to do. It could be a quiet three months, unless the weather takes a turn for the worst.”

Maize gluten has been the biggest mover over the last two weeks, with home-produced and imported meal rising 20 and 23 to 117/t and 119/t respectively.

“The Mississippi freezing over has been blamed for the imported price rise,” says Mr Clarke.

“There was a boat waiting to go down the Gulf which decided to go elsewhere, so shipments to this country were delayed, tightening supplies hence pushing the price up.”

Home-produced maize gluten usually rises on the back of the imported, but prices did get a little out of proportion over Christmas and should now start to stabilise, adds Mr Clarke.

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