Farming industry faces meltdown Gill

17 September 1998

Farming industry faces meltdown — Gill

THE farming industry and the whole rural economy faces meltdown as incomes crash, NFU president Ben Gill has told a crisis meeting of pig and arable farmers.

“British agriculture has responded to everything successive Governments have asked of it,” Mr Gill told the meeting at Driffield, East Yorkshire on Monday.

“We need the support of Government now at this crucial time. Without it, the meltdown situation is frightening. ” he said.

  ben gill
Gill: “Without Government support, the meltdown situation is frightening”

Mr Gill said the Government had to be pushed into understanding. He appealed for maximum support for the rally planned for the start of the Labour Party conference at Blackpool on 27 September to demonstrate the strength of feeling in the farming industry.

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