Feed-mix deadline

28 August 1998

Feed-mix deadline

THREE days remain for producers to register premises where livestock feeds are mixed – they should register with local trading standards offices by Aug 31 to avoid possible fines.

The legislation does not only apply to producers mixing their own feed. MAFF is advising producers involved in any form of feed mixing to register. This includes adding minerals to rolled barley or adding concentrates to silage in a feeder wagon.

Barbara Tonge, animal health officer at the trading standards office in Boston, Lincs, is pleased with producer response in her area.

"Regions have dealt with the legislation differently. We took an active approach and sent applications to farmers to register. Where they havent returned forms they must do so as soon as possible.

"We will be sympathetic towards producers missing the deadline, as this is new legislation. But the best advice for producers who have not registered is to contact local trading standards offices now," she says.

Stuart Thomson, NFU feedstuffs adviser, says that producers using zootechnic products such as antibiotics, coccidiostats or growth promoters must be approved by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

"These producers will also need to register with trading standards where additives such as minerals are being mixed. However, the RPSGB is running a dual registration process, meaning that most will already meet legislation requirements," he adds.

Mr Thompson.



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