Feed wheat yields below average

17 August 2001

Feed wheat yields below average

STEPHEN WATKINS, who farms at Severn Stoke in Worcestershire has had feed wheat yields below average. He started combining wheat three weeks ago, but rain has caused many stoppages.

Wheat yields are variable. Inzagrain has yielded between 8-12t/ha (3.2-4.9t/acre) and Marshall between 8-11.5t/ha (3.2-4.7t/acre). “These are down quite a lot on average, but expected. The true feed wheat was good on grade 1 soil and the Marshall was brilliant where it was not under water.”

They have harvested 30ha (75 acres) so far and have another 50ha (130 acres) to go. “We want to get it out of the way now.” Spring barley on the farm should be ready in a week and there is also some lupine, which looks good.

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