Fendt set to unveil updates and additions

26 October 2001

Fendt set to unveil updates and additions

Fendt is set to present a

host of new tractors and

technical updates at the

forthcoming Agritechnica

event. Andy Collings reports

A REDEVELOPMENT of its 300C range, updates of the Farmer 400 Vario range including a new model, and similar treatment for the high horsepower Favorit 700 and 900 Vario models.

These developments and the introduction of a new Universal vehicle – the EVO – comprise Fendts entry for this years Agrictechnica event.

The new three-model 300C range is powered by a 3.2-litre, 4-cylinder engine and, with the addition of turbo charging and intercooling, offers models with 75hp, 86hp and 100hp.

Equipped with Fendts Turbomatic transmission, the tractors begin moving by increasing engine speed with smooth acceleration to the top speed available for a chosen gear.

Options include fitment of a 21 x 21 overdrive shuttle gearbox which provides working speeds from 1.4kph to 40kph. There is also an option for a super creep gearbox.

Other features of the 300C range include a shock load stabilising system incorporated in the tractors electronic power lift control (EPC) for the safe control of mounted implements in transport.

An addition to the 400 tractor range is the Farmer 412 Vario which, rated at 126hp, becomes the new range leader. Its Vario transmission covers speeds ranging from 0.02kph to 50kph.

The 412 also benefits from the updates made on the 400 model – all control and operating components are now in the tractors Variotronic unit.

Use of front axle suspension and the shock load stabilising system is claimed to give operators comfort comparable with commercial vehicles.

New software for the Fendt 700, 800 and 900 Vario tractors – offering power ranges from 125hp to 286hp – means all tractor functions and current transmission settings can be read on a screen to the right of the operator.

To answer criticism that the Vario transmission is difficult to operate, Fendt has simplified the sequence of movements required. It is no longer necessary to press the neutral button to initiate operations or to press the joystick pad and then move the lever forwards or backwards to select direction.

The operator can now also push the lever forwards or backwards and then press the pad. Either sequence will set the tractor on its way.

Another new feature for the high horsepower Vario tractors is the ability to prioritise the output from a spool valve, useful if hydraulic power is being used to drive a fan on a drill where it is important to maintain speed. If a second spool is used to lift the drills markers, full hydraulic power for the fan would be maintained.

New to the Fendt tractor range is the 180hp 818 Vario which becomes the only model in the 800 range with Vario transmission, raising the question whether Fendt plans to phase out the existing 800 mechanically transmissioned tractors and replace them with Vario models.

This would mean that all tractors from the 85hp 409 to the flagship 270hp 926 would have Vario transmissions.

Fendt is also developing what it describes as a "fast, universal vehicle" capable of a top speed of 65kph. Operation both in the agricultural and municipal industries is anticipated for the EVO828, which could be available by 2004.

Features to date include air front suspension, air suspended cab, ABS disc braking and Vario transmission.

Fendt concedes there is still significant development work needed but predicts healthy sales for the EVO, which has a rated payload of 6t.

Incentives for its success could be the current popularity of the JCB Fastrac and impending legislation which could see the banning of tractors incapable of achieving 60kph on Germanys autobahns.

Fendt has also introduced two eight straw walker combines for the European mainland market – the Deutz powered 300hp 8300 and the 350hp 8350.

Built at Agcos Dronningborg combine plant at Randers, Denmark, the machines are said to fit well into Fendts brand image. Its format has, it seems, yet to make its mark. This year 90 units are expected in France and 43 in Germany. Even so Fendt says its product programme is "strategically right on line".

Fendts new 180hp 818 Vario is the only model in the companys 800 range to be equipped with a Vario transmission.

Redevelopment for Fendts 300C tractors. The range is powered by a 3.2-litre, 4-cylinder engines with the range topped off by a 100hp model.

The future to come? The EVO has a top speed of 65kph and can handle a 6t payload. There will be those who question why the tractor is not fitted with rear suspension.

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