Feng shui for tomatoes

12 April 2000

Feng shui — for tomatoes

By FWi staff

TOMATO growers have turned to the ancient art of feng shui in an attempt to boost yields.

A team of experts has toured glasshouses across the country to advise growers on energy flow or chi, and balance and harmony or yin and yang in the environment, reports The Daily Telegraph.

It says a priority was the re-siting of hives containing Dutch and Belgium bees which are used to pollinate the tomato crop.

The paper quotes Peter Lansdale, chairman of the British Tomato Growers Association, as saying people might be sceptical, but the industry faced a serious problem.

The livelihoods of many growers were threatened by the continuing strength of Sterling and the flood of cheap, long-life, imported tomatoes, it reports.

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