Food and drink shines in face of beef ban

7 November 1997

Food and drink shines in face of beef ban

FOOD and drink exporters overcame the imposition of the worldwide ban on UK beef and the strength of sterling to achieve record figures in 1996/97.

Food from Britain reported this week a 1% rise in food and drink exports, worth £10.1bn, despite the entire loss of beef exports, valued at £600m.

The consultancy also achieved a record income from industry, £6.2m versus its government funding of £5.4m.

Patrick Davis, FFB chief executive, said more than 1000 British companies had been assisted over the past year: "Our achievement of record industry funding is especially encouraging.

"It demonstrates the British food and drink industrys confidence in the range of export marketing and business development services we provide, and the skills and important business contacts offered by our 10 overseas offices."n

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