Foot bath solution to many problems

26 December 1997

Foot bath solution to many problems

TREAT cattle and sheep feet with the user-friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable foot bath solution, Hoof and Heel, says supplier Osmonds.

It says the blend of natural organic acids, herbs and metal salts will maintain freedom from foot-rot, scald, digital and interdigital dermatitis, slurry heel, hairy heel, hairy wart, foot ulcers and white line disease.

Hoof and Heel should be diluted to 2% for cattle foot baths and 1.5-2% for sheep, says Osmonds. It can be disposed of after 14 days into a slurry pit.

A 25-litre drum costs £85 and a 5-litre drum is £22.50. A free 5-litre drum will be offered with every 25-litre drum for a limited period (01482-665781, fax 01482-665782).

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