French bull is in top spot in UK ITEM list

20 November 1998

French bull is in top spot in UK ITEM list

FRENCH bull Igale Masc enters the UKs international black-and-white ITEM ranking in top position, in the first Animal Data Centre November proof run.

In September, Mascs reliability score was too low for inclusion in UK ranking, but in this run his reliability has increased to 67%. His converted proof now shows £161 ITEM and £156 PIN, £26 ITEM and £28 PIN clear of the next best proven bull.

Gibbon now takes second position and his proof strengthens with an additional £2 in both PIN and ITEM. His proof now shows £135 ITEM and £128 PIN.

Henu Masc moves up to third position with £126 ITEM, to give France the top three ranked bulls.

Italian bull Olmo Prelude Tugolo in fourth position also joins this elite group of bulls with over £125 ITEM.

The top UK bred bull is MOET Flirt Freeman with his first proof. He offers £112 ITEM and £115 PIN at 87% reliability for just £12 a straw.

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