Fuel-powered washers for remote sites

17 August 2001


Safer shredding and less racket, too

SCH Supplies has introduced its chassis-mounted HS550 shredder which, it is claimed, gives extra performance and be safer and quieter to operate than the HS450 model it replaces.

Engine options include petrol, diesel and gas powered units from Kohler, Briggs and Stratton, Honda and Lombardini, together with pto drive.

The HS550 comes with a hydraulic feed roller, while a valve system is designed to slow down or stop the feed of material and prevent blockages.

Further features include an 180deg discharge chute with an adjustable deflector (01473-328272).

Applicator for grain and roots

IN the market for an applicator to spray grain and root crops as they enter a store? Vale Engineering could offer some help with its latest applicator which is designed to apply fungicides and insecticides.

Supplied with a 250-litre tank, the applicator can be specified with an engine or electric motor driven pump rated at 20 litres/minute.

The device is equipped with a pressure control system together with a three-stage filtration system.

Other specification includes an 8m hose and a spray boom for fitting above a grain or root crop elevator. Available with three pairs of hollow cone nozzles, the applicator costs from £995. (01904-738533).

Flat surfaces kept clean at a pace

A FAST and efficient way of cleaning any flat surface, is how Tech-Clean describes its mobile rotary washer range.

Powered by petrol or diesel engines, the Power Sigma comprises a conventional pressure washer unit connected to a mobile flat surface cleaner.

Available in 46cm or 61cm working widths, the flat surface cleaner houses a spray bar which rotates at 2000rpm.

The unit is designed to clean up to 20m/minute and can work with hot or cold water up to 250bar, says Tech-Clean.

Supplied with a 10m high-pressure hose, Power Sigma models are priced from £399. (01302-810090 sales@tech-clean.co.uk).

Fuel-powered washers for remote sites

A RANGE of petrol and diesel powered pressure washers for sites where power and water supplies are limited or unavailable has been developed by Suffolk-based Gerni.

The 600PX has a 13hp petrol engine capable of delivering 19.5 litres/minute at 200bar, while two diesel models are available – the 600DM with manual start and the 600DE with electric start.

Both diesel models are fitted with 9hp Yanmar engines which can deliver 19.5 litres/minute at 180bar.

For powerful cleaning duties, the washers come as standard with a Turbo Laser Lance which is claimed to be six times more powerful than lances fitted with conventional spreader nozzles. (01284-772277 www.gerni.com).

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