Funding snags for BSE test

15 February 2002

Funding snags for BSE test

A SCIENTIST who claims to have developed an on-farm live test for BSE fears his work will have to be put on hold until late summer because of funding problems.

Alan Ebringer, professor of immunology at Kings College, London, says he may have to wait at least six months for the go-ahead to carry on with his research.

The professors theory is that BSE is caused by bacteria found in meat and bonemeal, the soil and skin which under certain conditions can trigger a lethal reaction in the immune system.

The BSE advisory committee SEAC met to hear Prof Ebringers findings last Wednesday (Feb 6). But he has now been told he must put forward another funding proposal before any new money is forthcoming.

Prof Ebringer said although he could put together a proposal quite quickly he feared delays in getting the go-ahead. In the meantime his research team was in danger of leaving to find other work, he said. &#42

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