Fungicide trio wins approval in trials

14 February 1997

Fungicide trio wins approval in trials

THREE new fungicides get the seal of approval from Dalgety for the coming season.

The first, Granit, is a formulation of new Rhone-Poulenc triazole bromuconazole, specifically produced for Dalgety, says technical co-ordinator Bob Bulmer. He sees it combining the eyespot control of Sportak (prochloraz) with the foliar disease control of Punch C (flusilazole + carbendazim).

"It will be a good T1 option in wheat, with good activity at low temperatures and activity against W and R strains of eyespot."

Griffin, from DowElanco, combines new protectant fungicide quinoxyfen with fenpropimorph to provide added kick-back on mildew in cereals. "It is one of the best mildew materials we have tested at Throws Farm in terms of very quick knockdown and very long persistence."

UK413 is a formulated mix of Bayer fungicide tebuconazole (Folicur) and carbendazim, offering sclerotinia and light leaf spot control in oilseed rape, rust control in beans and a pgr effect when used in linseed at flowering. "The linseed effect gave an interesting yield response," Mr Bulmer notes.

In a series of trials oilseed rape yield was lifted 0.26t/ha compared with standard treatments, mainly due to sclerotinia control and growth regulation, says Dalgety. &#42

Granit – will be a good T1 option in wheat, says Bob Bulmer.


&#8226 Granit – T1 eyespot and foliar diseases in wheat.

&#8226 Griffin – mildew in cereals.

&#8226 UK413 – osr, beans and linseed, with pgr effect.

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