FW Podcast Ep 174: Does Back British Farming day have impact?

Back British Farming day what impact does it really have on politicians?

We meet the new shadow Defra secretary, how would he make farmers lives better if Labour won the next election?

Milk prices – how has the cost of living crisis hit retail milk sales?

See also: Who is Steve Reed, Labour’s new shadow Defra secretary?

As foragers get busy across the UK, what are the prospects for your maize harvest?

And we meet the farmer growing Frankenstein-shaped pumpkins for Halloween.

This episode of the Farmers Weekly Podcast is co-hosted by Johann Tasker and Hugh Broom, with additional reporting by Farmers Weekly deputy editor Abi Kay, Phil Case and Louise Impy.

You can contact the Farmers Weekly Podcast by emailing podcast@fwi.co.uk. In the UK, you can also text the word FARM followed by your message to 88 44 0.




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This is the second year of ‘Put Down Roots’ – Defra’s national tree planting campaign – which encourages farmers and landowners to create woodland using Woodand Creation grants. 

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