General industry

Info on ACCS standards for 2004/05 and how to join. Directory provides 300 industry links. Members area also being developed.
British Edible Pulse Association. Pulse market information, regional prices and a list of members. Latest news gives crop progress reports.
EFSIS-FABBL assurance scheme details, including plenty on combinable crops standards. Users can apply online for scheme membership.
Grain marketing, prices, seed, fertiliser and the ’15 Tonne Initiative’ are all covered in a clear and concise manner. Register to access weekly market reports.

Online trading site for arable farmers allows grain, seed and fertiliser trading 24/7. Registration is needed to get an up to the minute quote, which stands for 7mins – payment is required within 21 days. The new crop planning and marketing feature lets you check the gross margin for different varieties/ search existing contracts.
Lots of general info about milling on the National Association of British and Irish Millers site. Download some publications as a pdf, or members can get more detail in their own area.
Joint site from Soya UK and Saxon Agriculture provides a platform for buyers and sellers of protein crops – especially lupins. Users can advertise a crop to sell or enquire about buying a crop.
Professional looking site of Maltsters Association of GB. Area for MAGB members, but also detail about the malting industry and how malt is made for non-members. Useful pdf map of UK malting sites.

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