Genus sire scheme could net you £50 a test heifer

31 January 1997

Genus sire scheme could net you £50 a test heifer

By Sue Rider

UK DAIRY farmers participating in the Genus sire improvement scheme could earn £50 a test heifer from April provided they meet strict new sampling rules set down by Genus; those that fail to comply will be charged £5/straw used.

The move is an attempt to further improve the reliability of bull proofs and follows the alliance between Genus and Dutch dairy semen company Holland Genetics.

Speaking to press at Holland Genetics head office, Arnhem, Mark Smith, of Genuss MOET herd, Bays Leap, Northumberland, said the company aimed to boost the efficiency of its sampling procedure. To do this it was seeking an extra 10,000 GSIP inseminations a year.

The increase is necessary to improve the number of daughters contributing to first crop proofs and hence the reliability of that proof. Currently each bull has about 60 daughters in its first proof – the aim is to secure over 100 daughters in that proof – and produce it before the bull is five years old.

Mr Smith said that securing that first proof as quickly as possible meant ensuring test semen was used efficiently by producers.

"We will charge £5 a straw when young sire semen is not used correctly. When it is, the test semen is free and, provided it is used within two months, the cow calves within 30 months and her heifer is kept in the GSIP herd for her first lactation, producers will receive £50 voucher a heifer, for use against proven semen from the Genus/Dutch programme."

Holland Genetics will also start charging farmers for young sire semen, according to managing director, Jake Chardon.

"Test semen is free, so too much is used, and our sampling programme is not as effective as it could be and planning is difficult.

The Dutch will charge about £2 a straw for test semen with the chance to recoup that cost if the semen is used correctly – that is within four weeks, and on first lactation heifers. &#42

Emphasis is on sourcing bull mothers from Hollands Delta nucleus herd.

Emphasis is on sourcing bull mothers from Hollands Delta nucleus herd.


&#8226 Semen free if used correctly; otherwise charge.

&#8226 Incentives for completed daughter lactations.

&#8226 100 daughters in 100 herds – 90% reliability.

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