Get fired up with extinguisher quartet

26 October 2001

Get fired up with extinguisher quartet

HAS YOUR fire extinguisher expired? Draper Tools has introduced a new line of extinguishers, each approved to BS/EN3 1996 standards.

The range consists of four varieties. The 1kg and 2kg powder models are for use on petrol, oil, gas, paint, wood, solvent and electrical equipment fires, costing £24.90.

The 2kg carbon dioxide extinguisher is suitable for flammable liquids and electrical fires, minimising damage when used on electrical equipment, says the company. It costs £78.

A 6-litre foam model can be used on paper, wood, textile and flammable liquid fires and costs £72. The 9-litre pressurised water extinguisher is for ash-producing fires, costing £62.

Each model is refillable and all, except for foam extinguishers, are supplied with a five-year warranty (023-80494333, fax 023-80260784).

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