Giving it The Third Degree – ignore

THE FARMERS WEEKLY Machinery team is launching a new feature in which we need your help.

The Third Degree will review machines which have completed three years‘ work.

The plan is to include tractors, telehandlers, quad-bikes and any other agricultural machine now approaching or just past its third birthday.

FW will be looking at the history of the machine since new – giving a breakdown of the hours worked, costs incurred for service and repairs and a look at the major strengths and weaknesses of the machine according to you, the owner.

The first machines to undergo the third birthday treatment will be John Deere‘s 6020-series 6-cylinder tractors.

So if you own a JD 6520, 6620, 6820 or 6920 purchased three years ago and you would be willing to partake in this latest FW project, please fill in your contact details below and, if suitable, one of the FW machinery team will be in touch shortly.



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