GM farm addresses revealed on web

3 April 2000

GM farm addresses revealed on web

By FWi staff

ENVIRONMENTAL groups have published the addresses of farmers taking part
in the governments farm-scale trials of genetically modified crops.

Campaigners from Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth used the internet to
reveal the addresses of farmers taking part in the 28 trials during the

Previously, the government had identified the location of the trial sites
only by a six-figure Ordnance Survey grid reference number.

The Friends of the Earth website says: “To the best of our knowledge,
these farm addresses are correct.

“It is our opinion that the government should have provided these
details… because neighbours and other growers in the vicinity have a right
to know.”

The Observer newspaper reported that the groups published the list
of the trials “in the expectation that their supporters will attempt to
destroy them”.

But the two groups dismisses the accusation that they were encouraging
protestors to rip up the GM trials by publishing the addresses of the

Frank Pennycook, FoE GM trials campaigner, said: “Were encouraging
people to persuade the farmers that they dont want these crops grown.”

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    trial locations (Friends of the Earth)

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