Good to torque when nuts tight…

10 December 1999


Solenoid valve is just the Italian job

ITALIAN manufacturer Duplo-matic has developed a compact hydraulic solenoid valve designed for agricutural applications where space is deemed to be at a premium.

The CETOP 3, type MD1L valve is suitable for 40lt/min maximum flow rates and can handle pressures up to 250Bar.

Supplied with boot-protected manual overrides, the valve is available in AC rectified or direct current versions with standard 3 pin DIN 43650 plugs.

Connector types include Kostal, Amp or Junior versions which are designed to give greater flexibility in a range of hydraulic circuit applications. Available from UK distributors Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets, the solenoid valve is priced at £127. (01452-730774)

Fast cutting edge

WITHOUT the use of coolant, chop saws can receive a lot of punishment in terms of slow cutting and increased blade wear. To help remedy the problem, Ridgid has developed a dry-cut saw, which by using a 355mm (14in) carbide-tipped blade, is claimed to cut twice as fast as abrasive chop versions.

Suitable for cutting pipes up to 130mm (5in) in diameter, the 590L is designed to produce clean cuts in both straight and mitre settings.

The 590L is powered by a 2200w electric motor and features a 45 to 90deg cutting angle adjustment.

Acceptable cutting materials include steel, copper, aluminium, plastics and wood. Price is £735 (01522-510420).

Plenty of wellie in new boot range

WILL your pair of wellies stand up to the test of time this winter? If not then Bristol-based UK Safety Group now offers a selection of six non-safety and 11 safety wellington boots.

Manufactured from lightweight polyurethane or durable PVC/ nitile, the Trident range of boots are claimed to be resistant to heat, oil and acid.

Most boot types are available in sizes 3- 13 and made from antistatic properties and with steel midsoles. (0117-935336).

Good to torque when nuts tight…

OVER-TIGHTENED wheel or loading-bearing nuts can mean a disaster waiting to happen in terms of stripped threads and sheared bolts.

The solution is to use a torque wrench and Spaldings has released a 3/4in drive torque wrench with a working range of 100 to 500lb (150 to 700Nm).

Claimed by the company to be suitable for tightening tractor and trailer wheel nuts, forager blades and engine crank case bolts, the torque wrench carries a 12 month warranty. Price is £237 (01522-500600)

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