Goodyear bio tyres tested

24 July 2002

Goodyear bio tyres tested

GOODYEAR reports it is currently testing agricultural tyres which use, as part of their construction, a maize-based material which is said to make them lighter, more durable and reduce fuel consumption.

The company first introduced the BioTRED system last year when it launched its GT3 car tyre range which used a maize starch based filler to partially replace oil derivatives.

With over 1m GT3 tyres now on the road Goodyear has extended the use of the ingredient to include it in the manufacture of the DT812 tractor tyres.

Tests commenced last autumn when the rear axles of tractors were fitted with one conventional tyre and one containing BioTRED. This allowed comparative evaluation to take place in identical working conditions.

Further field trials have been taking place on high horsepower tractors working on farms throughout Europe, says Goodyear.

Senior company chemist, Dr Annette Lechtenboehmer, who developed the BioTRED compound, reports that, although the final test results have yet to be achieved, first reports are said to be positive.

"The tests will continue to see how the tyres perform throughout their entire working life," she says. "More details will be available in the winter when the BioTRED tyres will have had a full season behind them." &#42



BioTREDcompound for farm tyres.

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