Govt closes private kill loophole

01 September 1997

Govt closes "private kill" loophole

By Boyd Champness

THE Government is to crack down on licensed slaughterhouses which have been neglecting meat safety rules when killing red-meat animals for farmers and their friends.

Many farmers call on licensed slaughterhouses to “privately kill” animals for their own use and for sale on to neighbours and friends.

But slaughterhouses which dont adhere to the stringent meat safety rules when carrying out “private kills” will now be brought into line.

Under the Fresh Meat Regulations, being amended, all red-meat animals slaughtered must be subjected to full meat inspections and health markings, even if the meat is intended for the owners own use. The aim is to prevent the risk of un-inspected meat being sold for human consumption.

Rules are also being amended to improve the sterilisation and staining requirements of meat deemed unfit for human consumption – including beef over 30 months of age.

A Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food spokesman said this was being done to prevent farmers claiming back meat from cattle over 30 months of age from abattoirs for their own use.

The rule changes will prevent un-inspected meat, and particularly beef over the 30-month cut-off date, from being sold on to the wider public, he said.

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